Feels like home

This place isn't just filled with silicon and electrons; it is also a warm home.  Sure, there's a fire every morning and evening through the winter and there are big south facing windows that make the home feel warm, but that is not what I am talking about.  I'm talking about the resident homemaker...


My loving wife has been doing some crafty things lately.  She has crocheted since we've been married but she mentioned in passing (once) that she might like to start quilting so... now she can.  This was her very early birthday present this past year.  I think I bought it in September and her birthday was December.  It sat idle for a while as she was finishing up some other projects like slippers for every family member and friend as well as a "granny square" afghan for my niece.  

Singer-Web-01.JPG, Jan 2020

Since compeleting these other projects, she has been working on her first quilt quite dilligently.  She still has more slippers on the way but she works on those while I drive. 


I used to cover this table in my computer stuff and now it's covered in many colors of fabric, cutting things, and thread.

Kelli_Work-Web-01.JPG, Jan 2020


I'm excited to see the first creation.  I'm told it is called a "nine square."

She has also taken on sourdough bread baking.  She has been making our bread for several months now but decided to start with sourdough only recently.  I think the winter weather was the instigator.  I make sourdough biscuits with her starter occasionally as they are handy to grab and eat but I think she has become an artisan bread maker.  I had gone up the road to visit the neighbors and when I came back, this was sitting in the kitchen.  It's a work of art!   

Sourdough-Web-01.JPG, Jan 2020


A house is made of four walls and a roof but the care put into it is what makes it a home.  I love the smell of bread!


Thank you Kelli for making us a home.

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